There is far more to language than speech.  The human capacity for language may have increased our access to knowledge and our technical proficiencies and helped sculpt a society encompassing many cultures,  but we have retained both the ability and necessity to communicate visually.

Language enables us to name and describe what we see and feel, while an image without words is still language, one left to the interpretation of the viewer.

They was founded in 1998 as a grassroots publication encompassing several venues of the arts, verbal, visual and even audio.  They is about the language of art.

So Who are they ?

Currently they are two people.


Elizabeth Mallory, founder, editor and principal writer, when she can take herself away from dancing.

Artist and sculptor, her work has been seen in the Center Camp Café at Burning Man since 2004 and at various events in and around San Francisco
Ms. Mallory is also active as a registered nurse.






Mikell Haynes. Art director, production manager, internet guru and anything else that needs to be done.

Mikell is a freelance graphic consultant in addition to being a fine artist and photographer.



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